UNIM— Digital Pathology
Digital pathology laboratory.
Developer of the software for pathology laboratories.
Some words about us
  • UNIM was founded in 2014.
  • Company develops software for oncodiagnostic laboratories.
  • In 2017 UNIM launched the first digital pathology laboratory in Russia at Skolkovo Innovation center.
  • The laboratory is equipped with its own software, the Digital Pathology© system. The software contains modules of artificial intellect.
  • More than 100,000 patients received reports of the digital laboratory.
    UNIM - first digital pathology laboratory in Russia
    We provide in UNIM lab
    • Histology
    • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    • Biomarkers (IHC): HER2, PD -L1, ALK
    • Cytology
    • Molecular biomarkers: EGFR, KRAS, NRAS, HER2, T790M, TMB and MRD, etc.

    Our best advantage - 96 hours to make report done and sent to the client!
    UNIM lab in numbers
    More then 100k patients recived pathology reports from UNIM lab.

    • 60k cases per year.
    • More then 60 pathologists from 6 countries onboard working remotly.
    • 1000 scanned slides a day (HE and IHC).
    • 100% cases remote sign-out.
    • 72 h average Turnaround Time.
    • Consilium in all oncology cases.
    • 100k digitized cases data (500k files).
    Digital Pathology© System
    This is a collaboration platform for remote diagnostics where cancer diagnosis is carried out by council of experts in order to exclude the possibility of an erroneous diagnosis.
    Digital Pathology module:
    Cloud based flexible digital pathology solution providing complete coverage of the analytical phase of the diagnostic process, from scanned slide (WSI in most of the vendor formats), through report generation (diagnostic checklist integration is present), through the analysis of digital slides with AI support, when needed, and up to the Surgical Pathology report Sign out and delivery to the clinician or patient.
    Сan be used independently without the connection to the existing laboratory (No LIMS needed).
    Can be integrated into any LIMS system. Cloud storage adjusted for local/country requirements (local cloud storage, or storage on local servers).
    LIMS module:
    Web-based local laboratory module. Comprises registration process, grossing, and all the steps present in pathology laboratory. Complete tissue tracking from the registration to the glass slide and further bidirectional communication with the scanner and Digital Pathology module.
    It does exist the possibility to integrate existing LIMS with Molecular Pathology/NGS software
    to get a unique data flow into the DP module. LIMS module can be used independently or combined with Unim Digital Pathology.
    Statistical module (MCC):
    This module get complete real time statistical information about personnel, specimens, equipment, clients.
    Can be integrated with DP module, LIMS module, both.
    Our team
    More then 1 hundred smartest people from 6 counties work in UNIM
    Alex Remez
    Founder & CEO
    Maxim Untesco
    Head of diagnostics
    Ivan Fedorof
    Michel Genis
    Strategy Director
    Contact us:
    Phone: + 7(495) 374-92-07
    E-mail: info@unim.su
    Podsosensky lane 25 bld.6, Moscow, Russia
    Do you have any questions or proposals?
    Write to us and we will definitely answer you!
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